Steel Scrape


Our conditions of purchase and requirements


Quantity: 50.000MT

Material: Steel Scrap Grade A3 per GOST 2787-75.Sizes; 1500x500x500 mm
max. Thickness: 4 mm min., Max.500 kg/piece in Bulk

Destination: CIF FO Nemrut Ports, Aliaga / Izmir / Turkey

Delivery: Partial shipment is not allowed. Delivery can delay maximum 15 days from the last day of the contract and Sellers should notify the probable delay to Buyers latest in one week before the last date of shipment of the contract. If Seller fails to deliver the material to the location indicated on time and causing the Buyer buy from another source, the price difference and all other expenses will charged to the Seller.

Discharging Terms: Cargo to be discharged at the rate of 800 metric tons per weather working day SSHEX EIU of 24 consecutive hours.

Notice of Readiness (NOR) is to be given only during office hours Monday 08:00 hrs. Friday 17:00 hrs. (Holiday excluded) whether in port or not, whether in free pratique or not, whether custom cleared or not, whether in berth or not. Nor to be tendered to the agent by tlx, fax or cable.
Lay time will commence at 08.00 a.m. on the next working day after the notice of readiness tendered. Time used before commencement of lay time shall not count.
Time from 17:00 on Friday until 08:00 on Monday not to count even if used. Time from midnight preceding a holiday until 08:00 of the day following a holiday not count. Rain during working time not to count unless working, according to the official port statement. Official strike not to count. Demurrage rate as per C/P but not to exceed 4.000 usd per day/ free dispatch.
If any shifting at discharging, time to count as lay time and all expenses will be to the Buyer’s account. If shifting is made due to the Seller’s or vessel’s fault, time will not count as laytime and all expenses will be on Seller’s account. Lay time will stop as completion of discharging.

Agency: Discharge Port Agent will be Buyer’s Agent as per following.



Vessel Nomination: The Sellers will nominate a vessel with class society to Buyers for their stem/approval before loading and the Buyers shall advise accordingly within the same day. Nominated vessel should be single decker, box shaped and steel floored. Open type vessels without hatch covers will not be acceptable due to safety and environment regulations imposed by the legal authorities. Any delay / losses / expenses due to non-compliance of above will be for Sellers’s account. South Cyprus flag will not be acceptable. Should vessels previous flag was Cypriot, then master/own have to produce all necessary official and original documents including “Deletion Certificate” stating that the vessel is sold to another country and now have no relation/connection with G.A.S.C. Vessel coming directly from Cyprus are not allowed to enter Turkish port. The vessel should not have any transit cargo on board to be discharged at and South Cyprus before or after disch/ldg at a Turkish port. Managers’ and/or operators’ will not be registered at Cyprus and same also will not be mentioned or stated in any ships’ certificate

Payment :

Inspection: by an international inspection

Documents Required : - 2/3 Original ‘’Clean on Board’’ Bills of Lading issued to the order of or endorsed to Nuevo Grupo. AS, “and notify Nuevo Grupo.AS, “freight prepaid by charterers as per C/P” or “freight to be paid by charterers as per CP” 1/3 Original Bills of Lading will be kept in Master’s bag.
- 2/2 Original invoices on the basis of B/L weight.
- 1 Original non-radioactivity and non-explosive certificate issued by an international inspection company at load port.
- Copy Policy cargo insurance for 110% of the invoice value against usual marine risks fpa only
- Seller/Shipper has to fax full details of shipment, (i.e. Vessel, B/L date, Quantity etc.) within two working days upon completion of shipment to Buyer


Penalties :
- Impurity more than 0, 75 % up to 2, 5 % as CIF value of the goods.
Impurity between, 1 , 50 % up to 3% as double CIF value of the goods.
In case of Impurity to be over 2, 0 %, buyer holds his right to reject the cargo.
- Over-size more than 1, 00 % as 15, 00 USD/MT.
In case of Over-sized material to be over 3, 00 %, buyer holds his right to reject the cargo.
- Material <4mm allowed up to 3 %.
In case of Material < 4mm between 3 % up to 7% subject to penalty of 15 ,00.USD/MT.
In case of material <4mm to be over 7 % buyer hold his right to reject the cargo..
- Any closed uncut gas tubes (Empty or Full) as 150 USD per item.
- Any Military Materials, Explosives, Shells and/or Bombs (Live or Dead) ; as 1.500 USD per item.
- Any Slag, Scull as CIF value.
- In case of any Turnings as 70 USD/MT.
- In case of any Bundles as 40 USD/MT.
- Radioactivity contaminated materials are strictly forbidden. If any radioactive material is determined at discharge port the buyer In case the material is only radioactivity contaminated then it is subject to penalty of 1500 USD per piece. In case the material is direct radioactivity source then Buyer’s reserves the right to reject to total cargo. All any kind of expenses occurred at destination to remove the contaminated pieces will be charged to seller and Seller agreed to settle the claim of the buyer immediately without any delay and excuse.

Quantity & Quality: Will be final at discharge port according to custom weighbridge scale findings and ascertained by Inspectorate. One of them will be nominated mutually agreed by both parties before arrival of the vessel at disport. Debit and credit notes will be issued accordingly by the parties. Cost of the survey at discharge port on Buyer’s account.

Others: Any amendment(s) and/or addendum(s) on original contract text are subject to written confirmation of both parties. Otherwise, modifications are considered as null and void and contractual terms and condition to be accepted unchanged by both parties.



Force Majeure: Neither Seller nor Buyer shall be liable for delay or failure of performance under this contract where such failure or delay is caused by Force Majeure, being any event, occurrence or circumstance reasonable beyond control of either party, including but not limited to failure or delay caused by or resulting from Acts of God, strikes, fires, floods, wars(whether declared or undeclared), riots, delays of carriers due to breakdown imposed by any governmental authority (including allocations, priorities, requisitions, quotas and price controls).The time of Seller to make or Buyer to receive ,delivery hereunder shall be extended during any period in which delivery shall be delayed by reason of any of the foregoing causes up to a total thirty(30)days. If any delivery hereunder shall be delayed or prevented for more than 30 days, either party may terminate this contract with respect to such delivery upon written notice to the other party.

Arbitration: All disputes in the connection with the execution of this contract shall be settled through friendly negotiations. Failing the friendly negotiation does not relieve both of any of the parties from fulfilling the contract. In the case of unable to settle disputes each party shall have right to appoint one arbitrator and both arbitrators shall turn nominate one umpire to thus from an arbitration committee of the arbitration commission as per Geneva, Switzerland’s laws in Geneva, Switzerland. The award of arbitration committee shall be accepted by both parties here to as final and binding by both of the parties for settlement.