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Performing comprehensive analysis and being able to implement it, is one of our core strengths. With our team, who offers 20+ years of Top Management experience,

we will develop solutions that are built to last and deliver results fast.

Our team is committed to excellence and getting things done.

Our consultants, who have a vast experience in different industries, who have covered key roles like CFO or CEO in some of the leading companies in the world, are a key enabler for client success.

NUEVO Consulting is supported by partners in Austria, UK, Germany and Switzerland.

We are specialized in

  • Strategy design

  • Vision & Value development and vitalization

  • Optimization of your Businesses

  • Working Capital Management

  • Cost Reduction

  • Process Improvement

  • We have run a numerous amount of strategic projects, improving significantly bottom line results through growth initiatives, Revenue Management, cost reduction projects, process optimization and double digit Working Capital improvements. Our Consultants focus on getting things done, guarantee excellence in implementation and are able together with yourself to get maximum value out of your business.

    We can help you to grow, re-organise and structure your business to address key issues like strategy & performance and create maximum customer value.


    It would be our pleasure to cooperate with you in any consulting matter.

    We are always ready to consult!


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